What if you could choose the life you really want?

When you’re not getting what you really want in life do you know what to do to change this? Many people believe that they just need to accept what life is offering them. They don’t see that they are the creators of their own life and all the experiences they enjoy, or not. One of the key mindset adjustments is to get clear on the impact of Conscious Commitment!

“The relationship between commitment and doubt is by no means an antagonistic one. Commitment is healthiest when it’s not without doubt but in spite of doubt.”

~ Dr. Rollo May

We’re offering you a guided journey into seeing how Conscious Commitment can produce a life filled with passion, joy and vibrant relationships and how you can use this to apply it toward creating your biggest life.

If any of the following resonate, then this is the program for you!

  • Despite your best intentions life just doesn’t seem to by going your way.
  • You know what you want and the effort you believe it will take seems overwhelming
  • You and your partner are recycling issues and disagreements
  • You’re a master of Plan B – always knowing what to do if things don’t work out.

The discoveries we are offering you are based on our own discoveries and how our lives have been forever changed, just like yours can be. We’ll show you how Conscious Commitment take you to exactly where you want to be.

The purpose of the Conscious Commitment program is to provide you with an opportunity to see how what’s currently happening in your life is your own creation and how you can create something completely different.

Once you see how powerful this step is you’ll have the skills required to generate your passionate life and vibrant relationship.

What Will I Learn?

In this program you will have the opportunity to dive into the depths of the following areas:

  • Intention and Commitment
  • Unconscious Commitment
  • What am I Requiring of You?
  • Baby Steps – The Golden Action Technique
  • Reveling in Re-Commitment

Who Will Benefit From This Program?

You’ll benefit from all of these programs if you’re the type of person that resonates with the following:

  • You sense there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing.
  • You have an inner drive to feel enlivened by what you do and whom you’re with.
  • You’re struggling to wake up each day and when you’re feet hit the floor there’s no jump or enthusiasm.
  • Your intimate relationship is okay and feels a little flat compared to when you first met.
  • You have a deep desire, and openness, to discovering who you really are, why you’re here and how you want to bring your highest self to the world around you.

How Will I Benefit From This Program?

The people we work with have told us that their four biggest benefits have been:

  • Increased awareness of the source of their habitual patterns and tendencies within their relationships.
  • Tools to evolve their relationships in exciting and meaningful ways.
  • An appreciation for the transformational value of their relationships.
  • Deep sense of collaboration and co-creation within their intimate relationship as they explore new ways of relating, creating, solving and evolving.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than discovering what you’re passionately here to do and bring to this world AND being able to do it. That’s what we are aiming to unleash.

Join with us as we explore personally tested successful techniques to accessing and utilizing the power within Conscious Commitment !

What Makes This Program Unique?

We’ve created a collaborative learning environment where you participate with others in an informal learning setting. This highly social learning environment is characterized by participation and interaction between participants and with us.

That’s right – an on-line course where the creators of the program are with you the whole time.

Registration for this program will be available soon. The program will run on-demand and fits into any schedule.

Join us for this life-impacting event and receive a deep, rich, engaging experience with individual attention from us.

Taking the Program

The program is offered in three flavors:

  • Conscious Commitment Starter Pack gives you access to the first 3 modules of the program – includes all the benefits described above. Try it out, try us out! Purchase the remaining modules later.
  • Conscious Commitment For Individuals includes all six modules and is offered at a lower price than buying the course in chunks. Conscious Commitment For Individuals allows you to maximize the learning and benefit to you and is aimed at those individuals who have the deep desire to learn as much as possible about themselves.
  • Conscious Commitment For Couples gives you access to the full 6 modules just like the For Individuals program at a combined lower price so you can take the program with your partner or learning buddy and explore and discover together. This program flavor is not just intended for couples in intimate relationship – any two individuals that want learn together (and get a price break) are also welcome to take the program through this package.

How Does the Program Work?

This is a 6 module course is easily completed over a 7 week period. Each module will delve into a new area of inquiry and you will have the following available to you for the length of the program:

  • Video teaching sessions which will become available at the beginning of each week and will guide you through teachings and exercises design to bring the concepts and experiences to life!
  • Engage with the videos in your time frame (no more having to show up of Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern!). Teachings are broken into short video segments – no need to find a free hour, just a free 10 minutes!
  • Each week will include working papers and contemplations to guide your inquiry.
  • Then join a group discussion on a private web board or as we call it a discussion site
  • You can also engage via that same discussion site with Bob or Jane and receive personal on-line feedback, reflection and guidance as you work your way through the program modules

On-Line, On-Demand and Personal – this is how the Internet was intended to be used.

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